Heath Issue Cannot Solely Depends on Sports Facilities

Heath Issue Cannot Solely Depends on Sports Facilities

Heath issue is connected with various factors, such as eating habits, mood conditions, and doing excise etc. The construction of sports facilities provides public with a convenient way of doing regular or casual excises, which can be a good way for keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Currently sports facilities are becoming prevalent in most Chinese urban areas, for instance, my parents’s apartment locates in a small city lies on the northeast of china. There are three public areas within and around the community equipped with a variety of sports facilities, where people can enjoy cycling, jogging, and running activities. Those facilities are especially welcomed by senior citizens and youngsters, it is a good place for them to spend their spare time. In contrast those who commute to workplaces could seldom utilize these by-hand facilities. The quantity of the sports facilities tend to have very slightly contribution to their health conditions.

Citizens’ physical health requires a combined efforts and no single action can resolve the problem effectively. To be more specifically, diet habits such as eating nutritious food plays a crucial role in keeping healthy lifestyles; Mental factors , as common as a relax and peaceful mind is another considerable attribution of a healthy body; In addition, some wholesome parks, include running, cycling, jogging and strolling would be an idea way to attract more people to be engaged in excises. Governments and health organizations should put education among the masses high on their agenda, healthy lifestyle concepts should be planted in every residents mind. High tax penalties could be imposed on fast food industry, tobacco and alcohol as well, since excessive consumption of any of these items contributes to poor health.

All in all, simply increasing the number of sports facilities tend to be powerlessness for raise the overall public health, other favourable methods should also be implemented in the same time.

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