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Unit 2 Assignment 1: Strengths and Challenges Reflection Letter
Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes
Define terms and concepts related to strategies for technical professionals.
Communicate information using Microsoft Office productivity tools and email.

Assignment Requirements
This assignment coordinates with Unit 2 Lab 1: Introductory Word Lab. Create and send a letter to your instructor executed in MS Word that discusses your questions, concerns, and what you look forward to in Strategies for the Technical Professional.

As a part of your letter, make an assessment of your strengths, such as the skills and experience you bring to the class. Also discuss your challenges, perhaps your circumstances, habits, or past academic history, as well as the parts of the curriculum that may be new to you, may not appear as relevant to your goals and objectives, or may be difficult for you to learn and apply.

Required Resources
Computer with Internet access and MS Word installed.

Submission Requirements
Your letter should meet the following specifications:
Orientation: Portrait
Font: 12-point Times New Roman or 10-point Arial
Spacing: Double spaced
Margins: Normal, Narrow, or Moderate
Length: Two to five paragraphs
Header: Right justified, including your name, the course number, day, and time
Text format: Body of letter left justified
Salutation: Appropriate greeting to open letter
Closing: Appropriate sign-off and full name as signature

Create and save this reflection as a Microsoft Word document and submit it to your instructor as an attachment to an email. The assignment is due by Unit 3.

How you will be graded:
Use this rubric to help you target the grade you want on this assignment. This rubric can also be used to provide peer feedback and assist other students.
Grading Rubric: Strengths and Challenges Reflection Letter |

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