SEMESTER 2 - 2008

Subject Name: Distribution Channels

Subject Number: MKTG 1058

Credit: 12 points

Duration: One semester

Weekly Contact: 3 hours per week

Non-Contact Hours:

Students will need to spend an additional five hours per week on the subject outside of class times.

Teaching and Learning Statement:

Some of this subject will be taught experientially with an emphasis on class participation. Students are therefore expected to take responsibility for their own learning, and to manage their time accordingly. For the work based on team activities the onus is on the team to attempt to resolve any conflict before consulting their local lecturer or subject coordinator. Students also use the companion web site to the prescribed text. The subject has specific relevance to an ongoing reality which all consumers must experience. It is simultaneously grounded in a theoretical body of knowledge. Students should ensure that they are fully conversant with this theoretical knowledge and attempt to integrate it with those experiences.

General Educational Aims of Subject:

Within a channel of distribution there are various channel members. One such channel member is the retailer. However, whilst retailers are only one such channel member amongst others, the retailer has emerged in nearly every channel of distribution as the leading channel member. Admittedly whilst retailing is concerned with selling goods or services to the ultimate consumer, and as such is only the last step in the channel of distribution, the reality is that in most distribution channels the retailers dominate the channel. Given that reality, which is especially evident in Singapore given its size, the general educational aim of this subject is, whilst developing an understanding of distribution channels as an inter-organizational system involved with the task of making products available for consumption, to...