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hello dolly

As the basis of personal wellbeing, health is considered a serious matter both today and in the past, but taking the developed technology and government attention in the modern society into account, I contend that our generation is more likely to be healthier than the past generation.

First of all, developed technology today gives birth to better fitness and longevity. For one thing, the advancement of modern medicine enables the doctors to diagnose diseases more accurately with the assistance of medical appliances. Take an injured person as example, doctors today can clearly find the problems of his or her bones, kidney and brain via X-ray and work out method of cure. the proper treatment consequent to the diagnose was impossible before the discovery of X-ray and thus the doctors in the past could only observe the injured patient and gave treatment according to their experience.  These  technology were unheard by doctors centuries ago who could only observe the injured patient and gave treatment according to their experience. Doubtlessly, Without those kind of advanced Medical instrument modern therapy, doctors were less efficient  the patient had a higher chance of being disabled or even dead.

Secondly, government attaches more attention to the public health issue than ever before. More attention means government will intervene on some health problems and complement the social welfare . Thanks to this effort , old people are enjoying an advanced system of medical insurance; thanks to it, the infrastructure system is improved and more hospital are built; thanks to it, sports facilities are available in most of the community for the citizens to do exercise at leisure time.

Admittedly, as many people concern, the environmental deterioration might result in a series of problems threatening health such as water and air pollution. However, we should never forget that with developed technology and more government attention, the management of...

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