Hello, My Darlings (Sets of Poems)

Hello, My Darlings (Sets of Poems)

All were waiting
All will wait
For your poor heart
To break apart.

I am on the edge
I am on the ledge
I'm going to jump,
I will not refrain.

All were waiting
All will wait
As i break apart
As i leave to the dark
That will engulf me.


As i go over,
As i ponder this state,
As i run,
I am late.

The rain falls on my head,
I stop just outside the waking,
She's laying in her forever known bed,
And my heart is breaking.

Family members gather around,
But the naught make a sound
As they lower her down the hole,
That will forever harvest and hold her soul.

Rain patters on her forever wooden bed.
All i see now is her head,
Her lifeless face,
So full of grace,
Even if dead.


Speak for the lion and lamb
Sing for the lion and lamb.

Be forever damned.
Be forever scammed,

Even if past your date.


I'm holding you between heaven and hell.
Everything you say,
Everything you do,
Is anything but swell.

Hello, my darling
You've caused me so much pain
And now it's time to gain
And redeem myself.


As you cupped my face,
With your cold, boney fingers,
My spine got goosebumps everywhere,
The hair,
The hair,
On the back of my neck stood.

I felt the cold,
Embraced it,
It never grew old...
On this hot summer day.


You smelled of death,
I loved it so.

You're my personal demon,
You're always so cold.

I want you to embrace me
With blood stained clothes,
I want to smell the rust,
I love the essence of you, i suppose...

A scenario plays in my head,
Before i go to bed,
Is your beautiful self creeping into my room,
All covered...

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