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Hello My Essay Hello

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We all wish we can travel around the world and traveling agencies makes it much easier on us because of incentive promotions. In the presence of traveling agencies people now have the chance to travel, enjoy, and relax. Taking into consideration people’s budget traveling agencies study the budget and always have segmentations for targeted audience. Product development comes when the traveling agency trigger the need for a consumer to travel and to have fun.

A travel agent can be defined as someone who acts on behalf of a travel and tourism producer such as a hotel, airline, or tour operator. Nakhal is established in 1959, it is one of the oldest and most specialized Lebanese travel agencies in the tourism and travel industry. Their staffs, composed of 125 experienced members, coupled to its continuous creativity have made it the pioneer in many fields.

Our study will focus on the marketing strategy Nakhal sets. It focuses on the company’s profile, mission statement, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Moreover the study will cover Nakhal’s macro and micro environment, their targeted audience, and their competitors. Taking into consideration the 4P’s which are Place, Price, Product, and Promotion.

Company Profile:
Nakhal is a Lebanese travel agency that was found 1959 by elie nakhal , this agency is not only a ticketing agency but it is concerned by many other thing in the tourism field, nakhal is also A Tour Operator, Nakhal manages during peak seasons around 25 charter flights per week using aircrafts of regular airlines such as MEA, Royal Jordanian, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, and As Ticketing, Nakhal is among the top 5 agencies in Lebanon handling the biggest International Accounts, In addition to above, Nakhal proudly represents: Club Med Costa Cruises, Wagon-lits, Letoonia Club, CroisiEurope. Nakhal owns hoojoozat.com, the number one online booking system of the Arab World and Taxi 1ere, the number one...

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