Hi Lissie!
I just wanted to call to say thank you for Friday. I really enjoyed observing the classes and getting to meet with you and Jan! I am excited about this opportunity and wanted to ask a few more clarifying questions.

Which month would be best for the teaching? I think it’d be possible for me to come into teach the two classes sometime in January, but if it’s okay I’d like to wait to do the workshop until the end of January or beginning of February because I’ll be taking my national board exam.

How long would you like the presentation to be? I know you said the topic was my choice, but is there anything in particular you had in mind?

Okay and I was also wondering if prior to teaching, I’d be able to get an idea of what the salary range and benefits would be if I am offered the job.

Is that flexible? After speaking with my professors/colleagues, I’ve learned that the average range of salary is between 45-65,000 after graduation. I will have my associate’s license and master’s degree, by May hopefully.

The job would begin in August? After I teach the two classes/provide the parent workshop, what would the time frame be for when I would know if I was going to be offered a job or not?

*** What’s my teaching style and what do I look like in the classroom?
*An hour in entirety
within the hour: time for Q&A

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