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We all know the role a Group Discussion plays to get admission to a college; GD evaluates whether the candidate has certain personality traits and skills that is befitting for a manager.

So we know how we should deal with the GD topic, how to prepare for a GD and the correct etiquettes to adopt while participating in a GD. Insipte of all this, we do commit some fatal mistakes. These mistakes may seem insignificant to us, but they are very important in the corporate life. For example, how we speak/ treat others may seem natural to us, but may be interpreted as arrogance by the panelists. This is something that is innate in our character and no amount of training can fix it, except our personal efforts. Let’s start by identifying the common mistakes that we make in the course of a Group Discussion. 

Common Mistakes in a Group Discussion (GD)
1. Outburst of emotions or anger
2. Talking too much
3. Egotism or showing off – fake figures and information
4. Grabbing Attention (most of it arises from the desire to be the first, and hence acts in the wrong way)
5. Nervousness

Now that we are aware of the common mistakes during a Group Discussion, let’s look at the things that we should do at the time of a Group Discussion (GD). These tips for a successful GD will not only up your chances of getting ahead of your fellow participants, but also give you the huge advantage of being noticed by the panelists for your sheer compatibility.

Things to Do during a Group Discussion (GD)
1. Speak pleasantly and politely to the group
2. Respect and recognize the contribution of every member (and show it with a nod or a smile!)
3. Agree and acknowledge whatever you find interesting
4. Disagree politely because it’s a discussion and not an argument! Be firm but gracious
5. Do a mental revision of what you are going to say. Think of how you can best answer the question or contribute to the topic
6. Stick to the theme of discussion...

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