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The Girl Who Got Bullied

It was seven o’clock in the morning as Bridget fell out of her bed. Then she said, to her self still half asleep “Another day at school”.

As soon as Bridget found what time it was, she got dressed and was out the door like a cheetah trying to catch its next meal. After that she went down the stairs to kiss her mom good-bye. Then as soon as Bridget went out the door to get on her bus her mom Katherine said “When’s your friend Hannah coming over?

As Bridget yelled back “She said she wouldn’t because she’s got a family issue”.

Then as Katherine said to her self “Then who’ll come over today?

As Bridget walked cautiously down the black steps of the bus she looked around. Then she saw Dylan the popular girl in school with her posse of girls. “Bridget where’s my lunch money dummy I am waiting here” as Dylan yelled across the side walk!

Then Bridget tried to start making a knew subject to talk about and she said “The teachers told me that they’re going to have a party for the people who will have good grades this next semester and then she bolted into the building.

As Bridget got inside the school finally she said to her self “Another day at school with Dylan the bully”.

“Bridget” yelled Hannah across the hallway.

Then Hannah came over we’d better get to class or the “Devil will catch up” (the devil is Dylan).

“It’ll have to wait, because Mrs. Amy wants me to go to the math teachers in room 103 but really I said I won’t then she said “you have to”, so sorry Hannah”.

“At least I will know my best friend is going to be in good care, they’ll teach you well I hope”.

“You sound like my mother” said Bridget.

So when Bridget got to room 103 she came in the room and sat down. Then a couple minutes went by and she said “They’ve got to some where”.

Then they came in and started the math class and one of the teachers had an accent because she always said “Mustn’t”.

By the time the class was over it was lunch...

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