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Ryan pickering ISA


source one i found to be alot more usefu.

I found this source more useful becuase within this webpage it contaned detail to every part of what i needed to know.
It had a full method and a list of all the equpiment needed.

2.A variale that will be controled would be the ammount of orange jucie needed.

A preliminary investigaton could help me find a use for this controle variable by me abing able to measure how much orange jucie i would need to get the best
results possible.

3.in this investigation i plan to use: a measureing cylider
iodine solution
test tubes
orange juice
bunsun burner
test tube rack
I will use the equipment to measure how much vitamin c is depending on how much heat is useing iodine soltotion i will do this by heating up
the orange jucie to differnt time lenths the time lenths will be recoded in minutes theis is the indapendant varaiable when i add the iodine
solution the juice should turn a blue or a black like colour.I will measure the ammount oforange juice each time to make sure its all the same
ammount and the ammount of drops of iodine soltion i put into the orange juice.I will makethe investgation a fair test by allways useing the
same heat and the same ammount of juice.The risks of doing this are due to the heat you have a chance to burn yourself to prevent this happening
you could avoid touching the fire or dont mess around near the flame the other riskes are spilling the juice this could make the foor slippy and
someone could get hurt in the case this happens you need to...

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