“Helping Autistic Adults to Grow

“Helping Autistic Adults to Grow

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Neumann, Janice. Chicago Tribune, page 8. 1/28/09 Daya Devanathan
U.S Govt Per 6
Mr Gordon 1/29/09

“Helping Autistic Adults to Grow”

Elim Christian Services in Palos Heights is a program that serves children and adults, like Joey Rosenbloom (21), by providing training in social, leisure and vocational skills. The goal of this program is to instill greater self-sufficiency and social skills to autistic individuals. The adult program meets weekdays from 8:30 a.m to 2:30 p.m, very similar to a typical public school day. The classrooms have bright wall schedules that outline activities with pictures and objects. The students gather around several large tables to talk and complete assignments. The program teaches individuals many important skills, such as how to order drinks, empty the trash, clean a car, stock vending machines, and other activities that help them “reach their God-given potential.”

The citizen-type activity that is being discussed in this article is the role of giving and charity to the less-fortunate and needy. Elim Christian Services is living up to my defined role of a citizen by providing a program to help make individuals with autism more independent in today’s society. They are not living up to my role, because they are a profit-organization, but this fact is justifiable and valid. The reason is because this institution needs money for its teachers, and other people who work there. They surpass the required role, because they are not an ordinary charity. This is one of only a few programs which actually takes the initiative to help the autistic people by instilling valuable life skills. This program is an example of public policy, because like any other organization, Elim...

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