Helping with Policies at Primary Level Education for Immigrant Students in Spain

Helping with Policies at Primary Level Education for Immigrant Students in Spain

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Brainstorming bound
1. Spanish demographic situation (statistics)
1.1. Significant dates
• Population growth, consequences, less birth and mortality rates in 1900
• Inflows of migration in Spain during the last decade
• Immigration distribution in two major cities: Madrid and Catalonia
2. Significant changes
• Increase of immigrant students at the Primary Education levels in Spain.
1. Educational integration vs. educational inclusion
2. Differences between educational integration and inclusion
2. Policies for the integration of immigrant students in schools
2. Are there enough?
3. Possible consequences leading to (disadvantages):
2. Discrimination, racism, marginalisation, isolation, frustration…
3. Sufficient policies supporting teachers and schools for the integration of immigrant students
4. Taking action and remedies (Advantages):
2. Government, schools and all Autonomous Communities

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Spanish demographic situation of migration has always had a significant impact on the country. It was a country with a very low birth and mortality rates. However in 2007, Spain has become one of the European countries with the highest percentage of immigrant population according to the data from the Spanish Statistical Office. This data means that the amount of immigrant students at schools is in a continuous growth. Therefore the Government, institutions, schools and teachers will take action by integrating immigrant students in the Primary Education level of the Spanish system due to policies similarly to other countries as the U.K. The focus behind this piece of essay is to identify possible consequences if we do notn’t integrate immigrant students in the Spanish education system and to outline the comparison of the immigrant students’ integration policies in Spain and...

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