Hemp Rap

Hemp Rap

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When it comes to hemp, its one useful plant
I can promise you no environmental rant
Will and I are experts we know a lot
the knowledge came from somewhere we had to be taught
Im not going to tell you to change your life
our project is sharp just like a knife
Lets come together and get our drothers
to grow hemp like the founding fathers

ThIs diverse plant is but closely related
to an herb whose effects are well narrated
The key ingredient,` being THC,
effecting your mind,altered chemically
its absence in hemp is not as peculiar
as world bank stealing water , sound familiar

As argued by haters, and maybe forever
Hemp and weed could be grown together.
Innocent industry could be hiding drugs.
do you think any farmers would turn into thugs ?
I can tell you i doubt it, farmers seem nice
and primarily interested in the selling price.
were they to let mary to grow in their field
it would greatly decrease the annual yield

farmers over her and farmers over there
farmers over there

The plant is divided, according to use
and some of the uses are so obtuse
you can use it to bait that annoying mouse
or use it to construct yourself a house
The two important parts ,the seed and stem,
So crucial that you never want to waste them
The seed can processed similar to soy,
or the oil into plastic to make a toy
the fiber from the stem is extra strong
and thats the reason I'm singing this song

Hemp grows tall long and slender
The meat of the seed is awfully tender
30% of the seeds is oil
the spartan army is mega loyal
Hemp seeds are delicious, also for birds
If you think Im wrong, I think your a turd
The seed is full of fatty acids
so many omega Three's your gonna be Placid
more than any other plant in the biosphere
I swear to you claire, none will appear

cotton farmers trying to keep that on the down low
so they can keep getting that cotton cash flow

The fiber of the plant is so legit
thats why it makes sense to legalize it...

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