Kaityln McCullick


September 17, 2008

Draft #1

The Younger One

Since the beginning of time, love-hate relationships have been common among siblings. My relationship with my younger sister, Jennifer, is no exception. Since my parents just could not wait to do it again, my sister and I are exactly twelve months and twenty six days apart. Our bond is a excellent example of sibling rivalry at its best. Growing up so close in age, we have had numerous conflicts and arguments over one wearing the other’s clothing or who gets the bottom bunk. It’s not often we find something we have in common, but when we do we get along magnificently. Although this does not happen often, we have had many good memories together. Many of these experiences together, good and bad, have defined our relationship in our childhood, our teenage years, and today.
We seemed to get along best as children. From what I remember, we didn’t have too many terrible fights and were best friends. Looking back at old pictures reminded me that we used to spend all of our time together. It is hard to find a picture of us separated. Jennifer’s favorite picture of us as toddlers is a picture of each of us holding one half of an incredibly messy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was hugging her head, sandwich in hand, not paying attention to it falling on her head. It is an adorable portrayal of how I loved my baby sister. Around that age, our parents divorced, and we lived with our father. It was great to have someone going through the same things as me; a constant shoulder. As we got older, we began to notice our differences. Unfortunately for our relationship, came our teenage years.

There are not too many good things that have come out of those few years of constant bickering and hostility between us. I have developed a theory giving reason for the elder child to be more kind. If a person bullies to their younger siblings, the younger will grow up bigger...

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