Here Is No Such Thing as a Perfect Leader

Here Is No Such Thing as a Perfect Leader

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Extra Credit- There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Leader

Paula Gray Lemons

California Southern University

Business Organization & Management/MGT86500

March 4, 2013

Dr. Danielle L Babb

There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Leader

In the quest for the perfect CEO, CFO, team leader or even team member, one will quickly ascertain that there is no such thing as a perfect leader. To be successful, a leader needs to recognize that he or she does not have what it takes to succeed as an individual- it requires a team. Yes, most leaders will admit this. However, will they admit that it takes them to surround themselves around people that are their opposites? When a leader surrounds himself or herself with ones that are just like them or agrees with everything that he or she says, the organization will suffer and so will the leader.
Identification of the Issue
The issue is that a great leader will acknowledge that he or she is not a perfect leader. As well, he or she will admit that one needs individuals on the team that are different from each other and possess strengths in the areas that the leader is weak. If the leader does not recognize this or believes that he or she is the perfect leader, the organization and the leader will have a blind spot. Therefore, the leader must be part of a complementary team that possesses the quality needed for the organization to manage successfully.
Statement of the Position
My position is that the complementary team needs to have combinations of these four roles that reflects the specific managerial style: Paei - Producer, pAei - Administrator, paEi-Creative Contributor, PaEi - Entrepreneur, paeI - Integrator. Each leadership team needs to have a PAEI to be successful.
In order to have a good management, organizations must understand and accept a new paradigm, based on the fact that group effort among people with complementary styles is the only workable solution. That...

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