Hereidity and Hormones

Hereidity and Hormones

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Hormones and Heredity


Hormones and Heredity are what make up a person. I will show you in this paper how heredity and hormones has an effect on a person’s behavior. Hormones affect more in the body then you would think they are a chemical that is released to the bloodstream; it helps with the process of metabolism, sexual development, and metabolism. Hormones are different for both males and females. Hormones in women can cause many effects they can cause a women for no reason to experience mood swings. Girls when they start to develop into puberty and hit there menstrual cycle is when a girl will first notice the results of mood swings and hormones. Hormones are not the only reason a women gets put into a bad mood, there are many other things in the world that can cause a women be in a bad mood. But when a female is experiencing her monthly cycle it can result in an increase of mood swings due to the face that their hormones are basically out of control or unbalanced. There are things that women can do to keep the mood swings under control such as over the counter medications and certain foods.

Hormones tend to rule or control a lot of a child’s emotions during puberty due to the entire nervosa system is effected. Hormones effect many of the bodies sensory skills, such as how they would react to stress, or eve how aggressive they get during a heated conversation, how hard they concentrate, how alert they are, and even how sexual they are. Hormones are also one of the causes of acne in a adolescent that is hitting puberty. They will notice that once they are starting to hit the puberty stage they can have big flare ups of acne. The glands that affect our hormones are the pineal gland, thyroid gland, pituitary, and gonads.

Heredity is when a specific gene or trait is passed down from generation to generation. It also can skip generations. You can pick up specific personality traits from a family member that may...

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