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Heritage Assessment

Raquel Miller
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V
Family Centered Health Promotion

February 20, 2015

Heritage Assessment
The heritage assessment tool is useful in that it can be applied to evaluate the needs of families and develop plans for health maintenance, health protection, and health restoration. This assessment tool is important because it can help healthcare providers provide a more individual quality plan of care. In that, it will assist the healthcare provider to be able to determine how healthcare workers should proceed with teachings and treatment, which is an extremely important part in nursing care. With the many different ethnicities and cultures that are in the United States, it can be challenging to be able to provide quality holistic care, (McKee, 2012). The health assessment tool is also a valuable resource in that it can help determine what type of care is needed based on the patient’s beliefs, values, and culture. This paper will focus on three families that are from three different cultures. This author will explore each family to reveal if there are any similarities and differences in the culture and way of life. The three different ethnic populations that this author has chosen to explore upon are the Hispanic, African American, and Chinese populations.
To begin, this author decided that it would be best to start out with this author’s ethnic background which is the Hispanic heritage. This author decided it would be best to interview this author’s stepfather, Santos. It was very interesting to know that this author’s family has really blended the American and Hispanic culture into one. Santos came to the Unites States when he was thirty years old in search of a better life. Santos came to stay with...

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