Hero Builders Case Study

Hero Builders Case Study

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Hero Builders Case 1

The type of research that Mr. Vicle did was exploratory. As the definition of the exploratory research design is to gain better understanding of something that you previously had little or no knowledge (www2.uiah, 2007). Mr. Vicle started his venture by means of satisfying a personal hobby as he made and collected custom made theme hero dolls. As he noticed the attention that his 911 doll was receiving he conducted the above mentioned exploratory research by initiating an internet search on the subject of action figures and subsequently finding out that their was a huge market and that Hasbro was the forerunner.

His mistake was that he should have also used the casual research design to observe the relationship of cause and effect that his dolls would have on the mass market (DJS, 2009). He therby would have been able to better evaluate the media and public response and there would have bee in a better position to handle the situation that eventually occurred more effective and efficiently.

Lastly he should have employed a descriptive research where although it is very inflexible it would have given the valued information as to if the company was ready to launch, what target populace would they pursue as well as many other fixed items that were overlooked (Rutgers, 2009).

In conclusion Mr. Vicle would have avoided the explosive growth of orders without a manner of handling the needed increase of production woul dhave allowed him to be better prepared for the eventual media explosion.


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