Problems in America

As many people know there are many problems in America. Some in the past and some in the present. One big issue in the past was freedom from Britain. However, the colonies did not know if they wanted to break off from Britain completely. Some people in the colonies, however, wanted independence from Britain. One of these people being Patrick Henry. In Patrick Henry’s “Speech in the Virginia Convention” he talks about him wanting the colonies to have an armed resistance from Britain. “We must fight!” (Henry 170). He says this to try to convince people that we must no longer take this treatment from Britain and fight back. There are not only problems in the past though. America still has problems in it’s society today. One of these problems being Sexual Abuse. It is not a good thing, but sexual abuse is very high in America. A lot of sexual abuse happens because people of power take advantage of their power. Some of these people being priests in churches. “... Priest with a homosexual orientation and acts of sexual abuse of young people.” (Foley 9). This quote talks about how people are on the lookout for sexual abuse. Even the church; church officials are beginning to look into cases in the church. Anybody found guilty will be punished by the church. All in all, there have been many problems in America and there forever will be problems in America.

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