Heroin Diaries of Nikki Sixx

Heroin Diaries of Nikki Sixx

The Heroin Diaries
A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star
Nikki Sixx with Ian Gitting

Pocket Books. New York, NY United States
Printed in the U.S.A.
Copyright 2007 by Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx, a bass guitar player and song writer of the rock band Motley Crue, began his rough journey when he was just a young boy. Nikki grew up in a very troubled family with neglect, abuse, and other negative substances all around him. His father left his family to be with another woman, and his mother tried her best just to get by. While Nikki was in his teens he learned about many drugs and soon enough, he was addicted. He soon enough became a member of Motley Crue rock band, and traveled on many tours across the globe.

For a few years, in the late 1980’s, Nikki was doing both cocaine and heroine, and not to forget alcohol. As he grew more into heroine, he learned cocaine did nothing for him except waste time, so he then transferred to just heroine. Heroine had such an effect on him, that he harmed those around him, and nearly killed himself and someone else along the way. He would always hallucinate, be paranoid to the point that he would be so terrified that he would call the police, but were obviously false alarms. Heroin, as described in the book, is a semi-synthetic opioid, and is highly addictive when compared to other drugs.
All his life he grew up as some high energy jerk with not a lot of money, or least that is what everyone thought to be him. His personality was fearless and cold at times, he is also found to be too hard on both him and others. His crew had described him as a quiet and shy sort of guy, but when he was high, he would be loud and obnoxious. Nikki would do anything and everything to receive a response of those around him, whether it was negative, or even positive.
Along his addiction journey he had many people try to help him get out of his state, but had refused the offers. In Nikki’s mind, the drugs were helping him write songs,...

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