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Explore how the language in the extract influences your view of what Francis feels. You must include examples of language features in your answer.

The novel is written in first person and it is narrated through the main character, Francis Cassavant. This is significant as this gives us insight into the life and thoughts of Francis as the story is narrated from his perspective.

The first line “I have plenty of money” suggests he is rich and has no financial problems. Even though he has the money is he not pleased because of his disfigurement. The line hits the reader immediately because the author is writing using short, sharp and effective sentences. In addition to that, the money doesn’t make up for the injury as it is in one paragraph. Cormier uses symbolism to add dept to an object to make it signification. We get a sense that Francis bag duffle bag is represents his sense of guilt “my duffle bag which is always with me, slung over my shoulder”.

The three similes all link in with Francis’s disfigurement. The lines “I am like the Hunchback of Notre”, “my face like a gargoyle” and “like a lump on my back” implies he hides away from anyone’s sight because he’s ashamed of his deformed face and the similies reflect him. Furthermore, the writer creates visual comparisons such as the similes in the paragraph.

When Mrs. Belander looked at his face and said “poor boy” it suggested he didn’t want to be called a poor boy he wants to fit in and be like everybody else. It shows how much others pity him, proving how hard his life must be. The word “boy” shows how young and vulnerable he still is. Mrs Belander used to know Francis, so this comment towards him creates a sad atmosphere; as if everyone who ever cared about Francis has been taken away from him. The line “didn’t recognise my voice, either” infers that his hidden identify has

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