Specialists of Hexapods technologies, SYMETRIE employs all its
capabilities in calculation, mechanical designs, control software and
adjustment to propose you a wide range of Hexapods standard or
adapted to your special needs.

A unique system for 6 Degrees of freedom*


Six identical electro-mechanical actuators connect the mobile platform
to the base. Equipped of motors and universal joints, they offers 6
degrees of freedom to the Hexapod: 3 translations (Tx, Ty, Tz) and
3 rotations (Rx, Ry, Rz). Parallel kinematics makes the system more robust
(see scheme below) and reduces errors comparatively to serial
Hexapods realized by SYMETRIE can be dynamic (simulators) or precise
(positioning hexapods, measurement hexapods) The low ratio weight on
stiffness allows great dynamics with huge payloads.

Serial or parallel kinematics?
Hexapods: A convenient solution for your applications

6 DOF*
Configurable motion centroid
High precision
Intuitive command software
No cumulating errors
Very low ratio weight on stiffness
Low inertia
Configurable motion centroid
Extremely compact
No moving cables

Cumulated errors from each
structure element
Errors from the base of the
system amplified on each
Low rigidity
High ratio weight /stiffness
Cables in motion
Fixed motion centroid

* 6 DOF : 6 degrees of freedom
(Tx, Ty, Tz, Rx, Ry, Rz)

Hexapods technology
Intuitive control
An ergonomic and convivial software provides the control of the system
following the six degrees of freedom (TX, TY, TZ, RX, RY, RZ). The control unit can
be done also from an industrial automated system.
A simultaneous control of six actuators allows complex motions in real time.
The software allows to reproduce accurately motions from specific algorithms.
Control can be also done from the mobile platform by typing on the industrial
computer simple commands of position.
The setting up of motion centroid and...