Hey Jude

Hey Jude

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In the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding., is about plane full of school boys a crash and leaves them stranded on a deserted island. The boys are forced to learn to work together and live in a rough environment. The kid’s come together for a meeting and chose a leader, and during this meeting a mere conch shell will play an important role.

The story starts when two English boys run into ach other on the beach. Ralph, a fir-headed boy will be the main character through out the book and Piggy, an overweight boy plays an adult figure. Ralph and Piggy introduce themselves and trade in small talk. While talking Piggy will run along a shell in the water, Piggy tells a story of how his grandmother had on and if you blew in a hole it made a loud horn like noise. Ralph took the conch and began to blow.

“Exposure to the air had bleached the yellow and pink to near white in transparency” (71). The conch shell roared through out the island and the other stranded boys began to follow this noise. This is where the conch begins its symbolic role as a passion of leadership. Once all the boys have followed the music of the conch thy decided to have a vote of leadership. Ralph having the possession of the conch is elected and Jack, a leader of a group of band boys is also elected. The meeting starts, the band kids obviously vote for Jack but for the other children se Ralph with the conch and since this mere item had brought them all together thy see it as a leadership and Ralph wins the vote.

Ralph will begin his leadership role and being to direct he kids to different jobs around the island. The conch will still play its role for Ralph as a leader but soon it will start to become overthrown as Jack begins to lure the children. Jacks actions is kind of like how Hitler began to take Germany in Dictatorship , when things seems not to be working Jack tells the children how he thinks things should work and thy begin to revolt and go crazy.

Though the conch did...

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