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ISSN: 2321-7782 (Online)
Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2014

International Journal of Advance Research in
Computer Science and Management Studies
Research Article / Paper / Case Study
Available online at: www.ijarcsms.com

Analysis of Marketing Strategies of Idea Cellular as Perceived
by its Employees
Kavaldeep Dixit1

Neha Jain2

International School of Informatics and Management
Mahaveer Marg, Sector -12, Mansarovar,
Jaipur – 302020

The IIS University
Jaipur – 302020

Abstract: In today’s competitive world communication plays a very important role. Indian telecom sector has undoubtedly
contributed in India’s rapid economic growth and because of this India is recognized as emerging economic superpower.
The intensified competition in the market has lead consumers to enjoy sumptuousness of choice and higher bargaining
power. The ‘freedom to choose’ has made organizations customer centric. Telecom companies are striving for distinction in
the way they provide service to its customers. The present study explores employee’s insight of marketing strategies such as
low cost strategies, non-pricing factors, Integrated Marketing Communication, customer relationship management, product
distribution etc.
Different researchers have different opinion about the key factors that influenced the growth of players in telecom sector.
The main purpose of the study is to find out the marketing strategies Idea Cellular have implemented in order to give quality
of service to its customers, satisfy their needs, retain them and gain loyalty in return. This study investigates similarities and
differences in adoption of marketing strategies and how customers perceive them.
Key words: Customer Relationship Management, Idea Cellular, Integrated Marketing Communication, Marketing Mix,
Marketing Strategies.
The liberalization bought transformation in telecom industry and economic growth of India. The demonopolization changed