Hicking Info

Hicking Info

Mentryville Hike
Located in Santa Clarita Valley just North of Los Angeles
•Starting elevation 1608’
•Finishing elevation @ Summit 2741’
•7.0 mile round trip hike from Mentryville to Towsley Peak summit.
•Last 2 miles up is steep switchbacks.
•Hiking surface old paved road or dirt fire road. Easy to moderate. Outstanding views @ Summit!

Take I-5 to South side of Valencia/Santa Clarita.
•Exit on Lyons Boulevard. Lyons turns into Pico Canyon on West side of I-5. Go west on Pico Canyon.
•Continue on Pico Canyon past The Old Road and shopping centers then past Stevenson Ranch subdivision (2.5 miles west of I-5).
•At end of large boulevard, road narrows into cone area—keep going on narrow paved road until the ‘Y’ intersection. Right ‘Y’ is private locked gate. Left ‘Y’ will be small parking area (no fees), or you can proceed up paved road another ½ mile to Mentryville parking (fee required)

Mt. Pinos Hike

Hike Details:
Starting Elevation=8300 Feet
Summit Elevation=8831 Feet
Total Elevation Gain=531 Feet
Hike Distance to Summit=2.0 miles
Hike Time to Summit @ Moderate to Hard Pace≈35-40 minutes
Round Trip Base Camp to Summit Hike Time≈1:15
I-5 to Mt. Pinos Trail Head Distance=21 miles (≈35-40 min. driving time)

Southern California has hiking for just about everyone. There are short trails for the beginning hiker, and long interconnected backbone trails for those seeking multi day treks. The climate ranges from cool on the coast to desert inland. There are waterfalls and desert rock formations in different parts of the region.
The Southern California region ranges from Ventura County through San Diego, and from Los Angeles to San Bernadino counties. There is good There is good hiking in all of these areas, but for now, most of the hikes on the site are located in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Near Los Angles, there is really good hiking in the mountains near Pasadena, and in the Santa Monica mountains.

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