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BiologyAnimal and Plant cellsPlasma Membrane

Plasma Membrane

The biological membrane, which is present in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell. It is also called as cell membrane as it is works as a barrier between the inner and outer surface of a cell. In animal cells, the plasma membrane is present in the outer most layer of the cell and in plant cell it is present just beneath the cell wall.

Structure of Plasma Membrane

Plasma Membrane

Plasma Membrane Definition
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Plasma membrane can be defined as a biological membrane or an outer membrane of a cell, which is composed of two layers of phospholipids and embedded with proteins. It is a thin semi permeable membrane layer, which surrounds the cytoplasm and other constituents of the cell.
Function of Plasma Membrane
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It separates the contents of the cell from its outside environment and it regulates what enters and exits the cell.
Plasma membrane plays a vital role in protecting the integrity of the interior of the cell by allowing only selected substances into the cell and keeping other substances out.
It also serves as a base of attachment for the cytoskeleton in some organisms and the cell wall in others. Thus the cell membrane supports the cell and helps in maintaining the shape of the cell.
The cell membrane is primarily composed of proteins and lipids. While lipids help to give membranes their flexibility and proteins monitor and maintain the cell's chemical climate and assist in the transfer of molecules across the membrane.
The lipid bilayer is semi-permeable, which allows only selected molecules to diffuse across the membrane.

Characteristics of Plasma Membrane
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Below you could see characteristics of plasma membrane

The plasma membrane (cell membrane) is made of two layers of phospholipids.
The plasma membrane has many proteins embedded in it.
The plasma membrane regulates the entry and exit of the...

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