High / Low Performing Teams

High / Low Performing Teams

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High Performing Team

The core function of our team, is to ensure the smooth operation of customer service orders for special reads, reconnections, disconnections and retailer disconnections for non- payment. This includes managing our contractors, and providing customer service to the retailers and clients, and giving help and advice to our Customer Service Team.
Direction within our team is low, and performance is high. Each member has a clearly defined role, excellent resources and guidance is always readily available. No member is afraid to ask a question, and our leader has an open door policy. MDM sit together in an open plan office, which works well as we invariably pick up extra knowledge from our leader, and he is always available to lend a hand, this provides us with a more positive environment.
We have many discussions, whether it is work related or on a personal level, and we all get on well and respect each other, I believe this is possibly the key to our high performance. If a member is off sick, then the team will automatically jump in and help, without a request from our leader. We all have very different personalities, but are all working towards the same goals.

Low Performing Team

Working as a group secretary for the corporate finance team approximately 8 years ago, was very different to now. Individuals met targets, however did not work well together, so therefore some members put in extra hours in order to get their tasks done. Most members of the team were over 50, and had been with the bank since leaving school. Although it’s great for a team to have older members with vast experience, it can also create staleness where members are unwilling to learn new things and have the mentality of “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”! Newcomers to the team were seen as enemies and were extremely unsupportive, this was probably due to the fact that newcomers were on a higher salary, as the Bank wanted to attract the right kind of...

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