Highschool vs. College

Highschool vs. College

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High School vs. College

High school, as well as college is just another part in everyone’s lives. Almost everyone goes through a transition between two very diverse and different worlds. These diverse worlds can be compared and contrasted by everyone that attended both high school and college; however, not all are aware of the possible similarities and differences between them. High school and college are different based on the purpose of one another, their time schedules, and the difference of classes.

First of all, high school is the first step to a higher level of learning. High school equips us with the knowledge needed in order to survive in college and other higher levels of learning. The topics being taught in high school are generalized in basic Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. During high school, students don’t have a large variety of classes they can personally choose to take because of the mandatory classes they have to take in order to graduate.
College, on the other hand, is a different story. The subjects a student will learn and discuss are much more specific since you finally chose a career path you will take in the future. College students have the freedom to pick and choose what classes they want to take which gives them much more freedom than high school students. They also have the power to choose what days and times you want your classes to be.
High school students are more relaxed and their responsibilities are not that complicated and heavy in a sense that there are fewer requirements and their due dates are not immediate. Compared to the time schedule of college students, a high school schedule is much more fixed because the standard times of school are set to have the same schedule every week, 5 days a week, depending on where you go to school. Students are much more immature and need guidance during high school....

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