Chair guidelines

You are the leader of the committee and, you will have total control unless you have a co-chair then you cannot do anything without each other approval.

When I say leader in control, I did not mean you can be completely totalitarian, always be open to new ideas from your committee members.

As a chair you must complete the committee’s goal in the most efficient way possible, saving money and time is always necessary.

You must plan dates for all your meetings for the committee in advanced. Give the typed dates to technical support person. * You need to make sure your co members agree

If you need to make any purchases, make an excel document on what your buying, you need cost and profit. * EVERYTHING YOU BUY MUST BE RETURNABLE. Failure to produce a receipt on a purchase will result in you paying for it (It is your responsibility to handle the money no one else’s; if you lose it most companies will be willing to reprint a receipt! No excuses.)

If certain members don’t show up to your meetings more three times you are allowed to remove them.

Once you complete your objective, you need to right up a small report on what you did with a copy with everyone’s name attached to it. *this is what you need for your chair requirement for leadership cord. It will need to be signed off by Mrs. Rowe, the president, and vice president. It can also duel with a activity page report