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In class essay
Muslim employee sues Disney for right to wear headscarf
Cal state university, Northridge
August 29, 2012
Muslim employee sues Disney for right to wear headscarf

This girl is Arabic-born like me, and our Arabic traditions is so strike, also America is known as the freedom country so everybody is free to look and wear the way he wants to, and I do respect this kind of people who believes in their traditions even thou they live home aboard.

I'm a Egypt-born and she's a Morocco-born so we're both Arabs as I mentioned before, and I do know how strike is our Arabic traditions specially for Muslims people, maybe Christians have more freedom because they've the right to walk in the streets without getting their bodies full covered or wearing a hijab, I need to show you guys how strike we're in our traditions so I’ll give you an example; If an Arabic Muslim man saw an Arabic Muslim woman not wearing a hijab in the street, he has the right to call her a whore or something, so that's why hijab is also forced by families because nobody likes people's talking.

America is popular with its freedom, there's freedom of speech and freedom in the way you look like, for example; you're always free to wear shorts, dresses and etc., so what I know about the US that people has more freedom than us as Arabs, then why would this company force her to get her hijab off, it's also something more personal not a social thing because it actually relates to her regional.

Even thou, I’m Christian and i am not asked to wear a hijab but I do respect this girl because she does believe in her Arabs Muslim...

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