The Three Xtreme Musketeers

Oh, such a magnificent view! Standing at the edge of the cliff on Rocky Mountain, I contemplate the evening sunset in solitude and serenity. Although I’m surrounded by a mild snow flurry at -18 degree Celsius, the vanishing gigantic red fiery ball still keeps me warm. As I watch the Sun gradually drowns in the far end of the earth, the Moon rises up on the opposing side. In just a second, darkness covers the land; however, the moonlight shines and reflects off the white snows, generating a dim illumination. Then, I look down at my watch, it reads 6:48. The whole experience inadvertently evokes nostalgia.

Without denying the pleasure of absolute peace, this solitary adventure is still dreary as it lacks the amusement of having companions. Looking at the bright side, before it’s gone, we might be staring at the same Sun at the same moment. We are best friends ever since at birth; it seems that the three of us are meant to be fidus Achates by destiny – we are seemingly triplet in disguise. Jack and Alex are both as adventurous and outgoing as I am, constantly seeking for thrill. They are my significant others that have been part of, and affected, my life in many ways.
We had numerous outdoor explorations, some were life-threatening and some were just leisure walks around the park. At the age of 14, we started hiking, to the top of the mountains and to the deepest of the jungle, by ourselves without any adult supervision. On several trips, we camped and lived as civilized cavemen for more than a week, experiencing and surviving the wild life. Unfortunately, at age 17, the triad has to go separate ways.

That last month we spent much longer than we ever had before. We planned on another extreme adventure of wilderness, as always. Three of us have learned together to survive the wilderness. To wit, we discovered the best method of capturing the fish in the river with homemade net, and how to start a fire from scratch to cook...

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