Prepostion: "Why are Females so Flaw...??"

Okay here goes... Females were brought up to believe that guys are there opposite sex; They always sat down with there Dad's and had that one talk, that every girls has: "Dont trust none of these lil boys out here"or better yet "There is no guy that is gonna love you like I do!". Soon after adolescence hit, around age 12-15 they got a little blemish in their Cinderella panties known as a: PERIOD!!! Medical term: Menstrual Cycle
-Then thats when shit hit the Fan!!!.

It is said that once a girl see a guy or even noticed him wether at the Club Library, or even Church; They already know if they want to fuck him or not.
Some women are permiscious, some are the low-low type, and some are telling themselves: "Im saving it until marriage"...(Bitch Stop Lying!!!)
In our generation, females do things like: Fuck there boyfriends friends, and are suspects in having sex with a large group of guys AKA "TRAINED", and are just gulity of being a hoe and wanting to change once they "FIND" that "RIGHT" guy. (BITCH STOP)
Alot of women judge guys and say "We are DOGS" (Maybe We Are), BUT IN REALITY WE ONLY DO THE SHIT WE DO, CAUSE OF MAYBE THE WAY YOU ACT OR WHAT YOU DO"

I understand now why females date and fall in love with LAME ass Niggas, because they are content and can deal with i there character. Now, if a REAL GUY/NIGGA/PERFECT GENTLEMEN (whatever you want to call it) comes along they cant handle that relationship status because he is capable of exposing what really lives within her. Some females are quite content with being an I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T female, and not be in a relationship; But lets be REAL ladies: We all know that when the nights get lonely: SHE DOES GET MOIST/WET, AND REMEMBER THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING!!

Im not the perfect man,(or maybe I am) but I pledge to keep it 100% honest with females and only honest, because they usually have to respect that!!, but females are having a hard time doing...

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