Hire right Proposal

Hire right Proposal

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72nd and Santa Fe Fort Hood, TX 76544 254-532-5700

September 28, 2011

Michael Barclay, Regional Support Center Manager
GilTech International
502 South Sharp Street,
Baltimore, MD 21201

Dear Mr. Barclay,

Enclosed please find my report “Employee Retention Recommendation for GilTech International” that was prepared in response to your request regarding the cost of high turnover rates within the organization.

You explained the importance of this organization to retain its qualified employees. After reviewing the options, I have narrowed my research down to four recommendations. I recommend that GilTech upgrades its benefit package, implement an incentive based program, allow flexible hours, and develop a recruiting program for new hires.

If you would like me to prepare a detailed report of my research, I would be happy to assemble the information and accumulate the data.


Jonathan Gilchrist

Employee Retention Recommendation for
GilTech International

Prepared for

GilTech International Regional Support Center
502 South Sharp St.
Baltimore, MD

September 28, 2011



I have researched different methods to use in retaining our qualified employees and decreasing our employee turnover rate. I have evaluated four options that will provide us with a strong foundation for success. The options are:

1. Develop a “Hire Right” Program
2. Upgrade Benefits package
3. Implement an Awards incentive Program
4. Implement a “Flex Hours” work week for deserving employees

In this...

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