Joel Peralta October 29, 2007
834 Ms. Sylvester


It is 2:30 in the afternoon. Everyone is here in Manhattan and people

are shopping. I am, too, when I see this guy trying to put some kind of

chemical item in the train station of 42nd street. This guy asks him what he is

doing. He says, “mind your business!” The other guy tells him, “This is my

business because this has to do with people safety!” The guy setting up the

bomb pulled out a gun and said “ say one more and I will blow your head off.” The good guy was named Steve and the bad guy was from Iraq. His name was Ala-Schlock. Steve was nervously shaking when he tried to snatch the gun away from Ala-Schlock. Because Steve knew in his heart that if he did he would die. Steve was lucky enough to snatch the gun away from Ala-Schlock. He tried to shoot at him but the gun had no bullets! Steve said
“ what happened on 9/11 is not going to happen again,” as he started to punch Ala. However the, bomb was already activated. Steve had only 1 hour to figure out how to stop the bomb. When he figured out how to stop it, it was too late: 146 people died and 500 were hurt. Ala disappeared and Steve didn’t know where he was. Steve was hurt, but not badly. He only had a dislocated elbow and a fracture knee but he was in the hospital for 6-7 weeks. When the seventh week was finished, Steve had to find out where Ala-Schlock lived or went so he could get some justice for this crime. Steve searched for months and years to find Ala. He made a plan. He said, “how about I hand out flyers saying this man is wanted?” but that plan didn’t quite work so he made another plan. The new plan was to gather up more people to help find this criminal.