His/135 Week 8 20th Century Matrix

His/135 Week 8 20th Century Matrix

University of Phoenix Material

End of the 20th Century Matrix

Choose ten items from the following list and identify their significance during the 1990s and beyond:

|Earned Income Tax Credit |Economic prosperity under Clinton |
|E-mail |Creating a budget surplus |
|NAFTA |The Internet and the World Wide Web |
|Telecommunications |The Brady Bill |
|Somalia and Rwanda |Apple |
|Internet marketing |Digital divide |
|Kosovo |Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell |
|Cell phones |Microsoft |

|Event |Significance |
|Earned Income Tax |The Earned Income Tax Credit is a tax refund available to working families with low incomes. You can only get the Earned|
|Credit |Income Tax Credit if you work and earn an income. They can claim it even if they do not pay federal income tax, 4.6 |
| |million people was lifted out of poverty in 1996. In 1975 is when Earned Income Credit began. It was designed to stop |
| |the burden of social security taxes on low income families. A family earning $4,000 was eligible for the maximum credit |

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