HIS 301 Week 1 Quiz Assignments

HIS 301 Week 1 Quiz Assignments

HIS 301 Week 1 Quiz


1. During what era of the Court did the justices dramatically expand the liberty protections afforded to individuals under the Fourth Amendment?
• New Deal Era
• Rehnquist Court
• Taney Court
• Warren Court

2. Which model of federalism maintains the theory that the national government and the state governments are coequal sovereigns?
• Competitive federalism
• Cooperative federalism
• Dual Federalism
• Hierarchical federalism
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3. Under the leadership of which of the following Chief Justices did the Supreme Court render many decisions advancing civil liberties, especially in the criminal context?
• Warren
• Rehnquist
• Marshall
• Jay

4. Assume that a state and the federal government hold concurrent jurisdiction over an issue and furthermore, both have enacted statutes to regulate the subject. However, the state statute is contrary to the federal law. The state law is
• Invalid as preempted by the federal law under the Supremacy Clause.
• Valid.
• Invalid as preempted by the Necessary and Proper Clause.
• Invalid as violating the dormant Commerce Clause.
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5. In which era did the Court begin to expand the powers of the federal government?
• Rehnquist Court
• Marshall Court
• Pre-New Deal
• Taney Court
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6. Which of the following constitutional clauses has not contributed to the growth in federal power?
• Necessary and Proper Clause of Art. I
• Powers Clause of the Tenth Amendment
• Supremacy Clause of Art. VI.
• Commerce Clause

• 7. Which of the following was not intended to protect against tyranny?
• Federalism
• Separations of Power
• Single Federal Executive
• Checks and Balances
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