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Paper One is Medicine and the American West

Paper Two is a source-based paper on a Medicine Topic on:-
The Black Death

Paper One: Medicine and American West Activities
Pick the questions you can do. Read the questions carefully and keep to the question.

Medicine Questions
Question One on Medicine is compulsory – you have to do it!

Question One is usually based upon three or four sources but it is not about source evaluation – that’s in Paper Two! It is important that when you use the sources that you think of ideas from the sources and back them up with examples. Do not just copy out the sources.
The questions are always based upon change through time and are based upon a particular theme. The changes could show how medicine has progressed (got better), stood still or regressed (got worse) for example:-

a) What can you learn from this source about Greek (supernatural) Medicine?
b) How do these sources (about religion) show that Medicine had made no progress between 400BC and 1060AD?
c) Are you surprised that people believed in these (natural and supernatural) ways during the plague of the fourteenth century? (2005)

a) Why was this treatment (blood-letting) used in the Middle Ages?(2004)
b) How far would the Romans have understood the message in this cartoon (pictures of tiny creatures in a drop of water)?
c) Why was this cartoon (about dirt and disease in the Thames) published at this time?

a) Does this source prove Jenner did not advance Medicine very much?(2003)
b) Why was this source (about cowpox vaccination) published in the early nineteenth century?
c) How far was Pasteur’s work on vaccination more important than Jenner’s?

a) Are you surprised that a picture of Galen and Hippocrates was painted in the Middle Ages?
b) Why was Vesalius able to make advances in Medicine?
c) How far does Source C prove that Harvey is more important than Vesalius in the history of medicines?(2002)