Historical Analysis

Historical Analysis

Historical Analysis Questions Set #3

Due date: November 12, 2008

Historical Analysis Question………(100 points per question)


For this assignment you will have to answer a question related to the material covered in class. Your answer should be approximately 3-5 pages long. This assignment will be graded according to:

- use of original thought and wording
-relevance to class material and response to the question
-clarity of argument
-quality and clarity of writing
-accuracy of historical information
-evidence of effort to find academic and reputable information to use in your paper

This is not a formal research paper. If you want you can write using the first person. However, any sources for information (including your textbook) must be listed on a reference page at the end of your paper. If you use the words from another author extensively in you essay you should use in-text citation.

To find additional sources of information, I suggest you go to the Social Sciences Computer Center (RC205). There is a History Resource Center with a large collection of primary sources, magazines, videos and reference works.

• This assignment must be typed, double-spaced with standard font).
• You must list references on a separate page. In-text citations are required for any direct quotes, or paraphrasing (APA preferred, MLA acceptable).
• Hand written and e-mailed papers will NOT be accepted.
• Assignments must be handed in at the beginning of class.
• Make sure your name, date and question # is on the top of the first page.

1. To answer this question you will need to read excerpts from Common Sense by Thomas Paine. You may find it in the library, or go to www.ushistory.org. In the middle of the page is a drop box directory. Click that box and look for Thomas Paine. On the right side there is an index. Click on “Common Sense.” Here you will find the entire text of...

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