Historical Overview of Vietnam War

Historical Overview of Vietnam War

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Historical Overview

French Indochina: Vietnam was a country under French colonial rule in South East Asia in what was known as French Indochina. In 1954,Vietnam was divided into two different countries. These were known to become South and North Vietnam. The Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) was governed by a Communist leader named Ho Chi Minh. The South was anti-communist . Before this separation, when Vietnam was still under the French, there was much trouble as the Vietnamese people fought for independence. On September 2nd 1945, Vietnam proclaimed its independence from France in what was known as the “Proclamation of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh wanted to use the end of the World War 2 as an opportunity to gain freedom. They fought the French until March 1954 when the Viet Minh (North Vietnamese Army) won a decisive victory at the grueling battle of Dien Bien Phu. Americas growing commitment to Vietnam: In 1954, fearing the spread of communism, President Kennedy committed the people of the United States of America to defending the fledgling democratic government of South Vietnam. Despite its arguably noble intentions, the war in Vietnam would prove the greatest challenge to American democratic idealism. The Americans believed in the Truman Doctrine. Part of this was the policy of containment which meant that Communism had to be contained like an “infectious disease”. Since 1954, The United States of America had given South Vietnam economic aid and in 1961 the first military help arrives in the form of combat advisors. These men sent in by Kennedy to assist the South Vietnamese army fight off the invading Communist guerrilla forces.

“The Quagmire: America Takes Charge” (1963-1965) A quagmire is difficult or precarious position for one to be in. During the years 1963-1965 this is exactly what America was facing. In August 1964 the Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred which sparked off a retaliation from...

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