History Essay

History Essay

Hitler’s foreign policy was to expand German soils, unite all German speaking people, to take over Russia, eliminate communism, rearmament and exterminate supposed inferiors such as the disability and Jews.Hitler wanted the people of Germany to be masters of Europe and wanted to spread Nazism and return territories which Germany lost at Versailles treaty in 1918.

Hitler’s aims where:
- To Destroy the treaty of Versailles, because Hitler thought it was Unfair, and all German Citizens agreed
- to Reunite all German Speakers, from all round Europe, Hitler thought that regrouping his speakers would create a more successful Country
- To expand East (Poland, Russia) to gain land for Germany witch Hitler thought was rightfully his.

The First of Hitler’s actions was in 1934 when he made an alliance with Poland soon after he left the league of nations, this was the first of his ten year non-aggression pacts.
For the next five years Poland and Germany were to enjoy cordial relations. However, like many of Hitler’s agreements, this was a tactical move towards Hitler gaining power and he had no intention of honouring the agreement in a long term scenario.

But soon after in July 1934 Hitler wasn’t as successful as he was with the polish because an attempt by Austrian Nazis to overthrow the government in their country was crushed. The Austrian Prime Minister Dollfuss was killed in the attempt. Hitler at first supported the attempted coup but disowned the action when it was clear it would fail.

Under the Treaty of Versailles, the Germans were forbidden to erect fortifications or station troops in the Rhineland or within 50 kilometres of the right bank of the river. In 1935 when Mussolini attacked Ethiopia, Hitler ignored international protests and invaded the Rhineland as the League of Nations where to busy with what was happening at Ethiopia. Germany were successful in this risky attack, and Germany managed to take over some of the Rhineland, and the League of...

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