History of Correction

History of Correction

History Correction in America

Fritz Michaud

Upper Iowa University

Ken Perry

CJ380 Corrections and Punishment

Sunday 20 May 2012

The correction system today plays a major role in politics. The correction system has been in the media for multiple issues. The system today has changed completely from 18 century. Prisoners are treated differently and provided better services.

The correction system today has changed tremendously compared to the old system adopted from Europe. The systems have numerous employers (i.e. administrators, psychologist, officers, and others). The budget for correction system is over $60 billion a year, 90% of correctional cost fall on state and local government. There are many subunits that fall under corrections. Each of the subunit has their own function and responsibilities. One subunit usually has probation offices halfway houses, prison and more. Some subunit could be run by the Government and other private organization is hired by the government to proud specific service to correctional clients. Those private companies are supervised by the government.

Federalism is a system that divides the power or responsibilities among national and state government. National usually deal with offender that break Federal Laws and State government deal with the people that breaks state law on the state level.
Four states handles more than one in three state prisoners and they are New York, Texas, Florida, and California has the largest prison population in the United States. They are over the National average 471/100,000, the National average 450/100,000 and local taxes are paid for jail probation services.
California has the largest prison population in the United States. The Juvenile and Adult correctional system was part of the executive branch and Jail, Probation service. In 1994 California had the three strikes law for repeated felons. In 2000 California voter approved most drug offenders to get...

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