History of English

History of English

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A family is a unit composed not only of
children, but of men, women and occasionally
of an animal…
Ogden Nash

1. Make sure you understand the questions. Then choose one question to ask the other students in the class.
a. When did your parents get married?
b. Have you got any brothers or sisters? If so, how many?
c. Where and when were you born?
d. What do your parents do?
e. In what way do you help your parents?
f. Do you get on well with your relatives?
g. Do you often have family parties?
h. Are your grandparents pensioners or do they still work?
i. How do you spend your free time together?

2. Report the results of your survey.
Example: Two students don’t have family parties often while six students spend much time together with their families.

Family Matters
Discuss the following points in pairs:
1. How much of a generation gap is there between you and your parents?
2. Would you want to bring up your children similarly to the way your parents brought you up?

( Reading
While reading the texts define mini-topics you are supposed to master.

Two points of view on a family relationship
My daughter
James Mitford: My wife and I only had the one child. It might have been nice to have a son, but we didn’t plan a family, we just had Amy.
I see her as my best friend. I think she’d always come to me first if she had a problem. We have the same sense of humour, and share interests. I don’t mind animals, but she’s completely obsessed with them, and has always had dogs, cats horses and goldfish in her life.
We were closest when she was about four, which I think is a lovely age for a child. They know the parents best, and don’t have the outside contacts. She must have grown up suddenly when she went to school, because I remember her growing away from her family slightly....

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