History of Missions

History of Missions

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Continue The Legacy: Missionaries of African Descent

A Research Paper

Submitted to Dr. Edward Smither
In Partial Fulfillment
CHHI 620
History of Global Christianity

Gerald Williams
Student ID# L22600316

May 4, 2014

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Recent Endeavors 4
Turbulent Beginnings 5
Black Baptist Missionaries 7
Black Methodist Missionaries 11
Looking Forward 14
Conclusion 16
Bibliography 17

Continue The Legacy: Missionaries of African Descent
In light of recent studies that show limited participation by African American Churches in the area of missions, this study comes out of a necessity, not only, to reinvigorate their participation in ministry along these lines, but to participate on a much wider scale. Recent statistics from the African American Missions Mobilization Manifesto of 2007 reveal that African Americans make up less than one percent of (118,600) U.S. missionaries.1 Despite the fact that African Americans have been absent from church missions on a large scale in the modern setting, history reveals the remarkable efforts of missionaries along these lines who have contributed to the history and cause of missions. It must be...

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