History of Pizzza Hut Pizza Hut: a Beginning

History of Pizzza Hut Pizza Hut: a Beginning

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History of Pizzza Hut
Pizza Hut: A Beginning

The journey began in 1958, when two college students and brothers from Wichita, USA, Frank and Dan Carney, opened the first Pizza Hut restaurant at their hometown on June 15, 1958. After borrowing $600 from their mother, they purchased some second-hand equipment and rented a small building on a busy intersection in Wichita. The result of their entrepreneurial efforts was the first Pizza Hut restaurant, and the foundation for what would become the largest and most successful pizza restaurant company in the world.
Pizza Hut: Today

Pizza Hut is not only the acknowledged leader of pizza industry worldwide, but it is also the world’s largest pizza chain with more than 6,100 restaurants in the United States and over 5,500 restaurants in 97 countries and territories around the world, employing more than 300,000 people, serving 1.7 million pizzas everyday to more than seven million customers.
Pizza Hut in Bangladesh

Transcom Foods Limited, a concern of Transcom Group is the franchisee of Pizza hut in Bangladesh. With a seating capacity of 220 persons, the first outlet of Pizza Hut opened South Avenue, Gulshan-1 at 6th December 2003. Currently there are three outlets, two in Dhaka which are situated at Gulshan and Dhanmondi other at Chittagong. Very soon Pizza Hut is going to open another new outlet in Dhaka (Baily Road). All foods served in the outlets in Bangladesh are 100% halal.
Mission Statement
Pizza Hut provides the perfect mix of great food, great service and great place at a great value to our customers who are looking for a grand experience. We believe in positive intension, and maintain a strong internal environment by developing our competitive work force, which we trust. The latest technological tools along with the best support systems from our franchiser YUM! International is used to ensure easy workflow and to make our restaurants the favorite in the Country.
The success of Pizza Hut...

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