History of Racism: Before Black People Were Free

History of Racism: Before Black People Were Free

The country we live in today is a wonderful place. It’s filled with freedoms, rights, and equality for everyone no matter who they are. This country is plagued by a few things though, one of them being racism. Racist people are everywhere, from schools to offices, from the streets to grocery stores. Racism is not a good thing and is the reason I am writing this report.

On the last day of school, a kid asked me to sign his shirt for the last day of school. I signed it, but instead of my name I wrote “Fuck all black people.” There are many reasons why this is a horrible statement. One reason is it just ruins the kid’s shirt that he spent money on. Another reason is that it could make a kid a target if a black person who saw it and took offense. And the main reason why this is such a bad thing is because it is highly offensive, and is what people call, a “hate crime.”

What this essay will do for me is help enhance my learning of the subject on racism. Although if I don’t try and put forth my own effort into this essay, and not just what my dad says to do, I won’t really learn anything. Throughout this essay I will talk about some major key points that I will emphasize on. I will talk about the history of racism before black people were free, history of racism and segregation after black people were free, and racism today and its effects on the U.S. I hope that after I am done with this essay I will have truly learned something about racism and why it’s such a bad and hurtful thing.

History of racism before black people were free

The first thing I am going to talk about is the history of racism before black people were free. I’m going to talk about what slavery was and how it was related to racism. Slaves were people who were forced to work for no pay sometimes under harsh conditions. They came over here from the other side of the world often from places like Africa. Sometimes how they got there was very violent. They could be in one...

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