History of Strategic Hrm

History of Strategic Hrm

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A Review of Literature on Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management is a set of synergistically clustered human resource management practices that is aligned with the overall strategy of the firm and contributes significantly as a source of sustained competitive advantage, positively catalyzes improved firm level performances and elevates the organizational outcomes from any single dimensional measure to a holistic multidimensional level.
Strategy, put simply is the way to do things in a better and unique way than the competitors to create a better value. The competitive model of strategy and strategic advantage underscores the need of resources which are difficult to imitate, change responsive non substitutable and unique. Interestingly this is only Human Resource of a firm that conclusively meets all these criteria. This is where Human Resource meets strategy and we get an immensely challenging responsible and potential field of study, Strategic Human Resource Management.
In this point of time, we state the purpose of this literature review. We will discuss the prior body of knowledge here in the domain of The Strategic Human Resource Management, Strategy From various views, Relationship of Strategic Human Resource Management with various firm level outcomes like firm financial performance, turn over , designing of compensation policy, staffing and recruitment practices etc and the implication and future trends in this branch of study.

Overview of Strategic Human Resource Management
In this chapter we will have a look at the overview and the classical work on Strategic Human Resource Management, an analysis of the practice trends of Strategic Human Resource Management, functional or technical Human Resource Activities and their Strategic Dimensions, integration of Human Resource Management towards Strategic International Human Resource Management
Overview of Strategic Human Resource Management...

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