History of Teaching

History of Teaching

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Educational Philosophy Paper
April Greeson
University of Phoenix
MTE 501: The Art and Science of Teaching
Facilitator: Tracy Crawford
August 18, 2008

Educational Philosophy Paper
Educational philosophy is defined as the study of the purpose, process, nature, and ideals of education (Philosophy of Education, 2008). Individual teachers have different beliefs for educational philosophy. The following will discuss some of my personal beliefs related to teaching, students, and knowledge.
Beliefs about Teaching and Learning
Teaching and learning are the vital points in childhood education. I believe the teacher must make learning fun and exciting and show that he or she enjoys his or her role as the teacher. I also believe that teaching and learning should be rewarding for all involved. Children should be rewarded for good behavior and good grades and teachers should feel rewarded for ensuring that each student understands what is being taught and passes the class at the end of the school year. Interaction is also needed to have a positive classroom environment and to get an understanding where each student may need some extra attention.
Beliefs about Students
Students are what make a teacher’s job fulfilling and each student is unique in his or her own special way. Each student comes from a different background and lifestyle and it is the job of the teacher to show no partiality. Students also have different learning styles and the teacher must be able to detect these styles early to ensure the student does not get behind or may not understand what is being taught. Some students also have learning disabilities that prevent them from being able to sit for long periods of time or from being able to process the new information as quickly as others.

Beliefs about Knowledge
Knowledge is a large topic and each teacher has his or her own beliefs. Knowledge is what we teach and what our children learn. While the teacher may understand knowledge and how we...

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