History of Terrorism

History of Terrorism





History on Terrorism

Terrorism is among the most talked about topics in the American society. Justification for this claim can be drawn from the widespread definitions of the term, which range from the State level to the constitutional instance to the Anarchists perceptions. Inferring from this, it is clear that a commonly accepted definition has not yet been arrived at. However, amogn the readily acknowledged definitions can be derived from the research conducted by White in which it is stated as a cruel act and whose intention is solely aimed at creating fear to the civilians (112). The terrorism act is anticipated to heighten fear to the citizens of a particular state or to members of a particular region. Consequently, terrorism it can be classified into six categories namely; state terrorism, political terrorism, non political, Quasi-terrorism, civil disorder and Limited political terrorism.

As Laqueur holds out, at the center of the terrorism debate are political interests (67). Relating its purposes, the researcher indicates that terrorism usually creates oppression and fear to the civilians in the same way terrorism does. Political terrorism is a criminal act calculated to create fear among civilians or to certain groups of people for political interests,while non-political terrorism is conducted by individuals creating fear on the public for individual gain (Laqueur 68). Quasi-terrorism does not creat terror to the direct victims. However, its techniques and modality are the same as the rear -the difference lies in the motive of the action. Civil disorder is a collection of violence with the aim of interfering with security and the usual fuctioning of the society and peace as a whole in the region. Moreover, limited political terrorism is the creation of terror to the community whose motives can be political or ideological .

There are other terms and functions related to terrorism namely State,...

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