History of the Filipino People

History of the Filipino People

Brief History Of the Filipino People
(Mid-term history Reviewer)

Commercial Revolution-was a period of European economic expansion, colonialism, and mercantilism which lasted from approximately the 16th century until the early 18th century. It was succeeded in the mid-18th century by the Industrial Revolution.
Venetian Monopoly- The Route That Magellan took in Reaching in the Philippines was
A new “Discovery”then which put an end to the Venetian Monopoly the southern Route
Treaty of Tordesillas -Portugal noticed that more land in Spain orders issued by leaders of the church, providing a solution for the problem occurred agreement Tordesillas on June 7, 1494 contents of the agreement are as follows:

-Intended by Pope Alexander VI's Line from west 370digri 100Digri toward Cape Verde Islands.
-All land in the west is to Spain
-All land to the east of this line is in Portugal
Treaty of Zaragoza-In 1529, another controversy erupted agains two kingdoms of ownership Moluccas.the second agreement with Zaragoza happened on April 22,1529, according to the agreement

-Sold by King Charles I of Spain the right to Moluccas in Portugal in the amount of 350,000 golden ducat
-Set the new line before 297 degrees Moluccas
-All the land in the east line in Portugal and all lands in the west to Spain
Blood compact-The Expedition reached cebu in February 1565.Later Legazpi sailed to Cibabao (leyte)then to Samar.here he concluded a blood compact with some the chieftainsn,one of whom was Bankaw,datu of Limasawa.
-Early in March,he sailed to Camiguin Island,then to butuan in Mindanao to bohol where he entered into a blood compact with Datu SiKAtuna and Sigala
Battle of Mactan-Was fought in the Philippines on 27 April 1521. The warriors of Lapu-Lapu, a native chieftain of Mactan Island, defeated Spanish forces under the command of Ferdinand Magellan, who was killed in the battle.
Battle of Bankusay –Legazpi Gathered a force of fierce warriors from the barangays of...

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