History Questions for Ap Us

History Questions for Ap Us

Black Codes of Mississippi (1865)

1. The crime that carried the harshest penalty was when a white person and
Freedmen, free negroes, or mulattoes intermarried because it was considered a felony and those accused of it were convicted for life imprisonment. I think maybe the government of Mississippi didn't want any more diversity.

2. The regulations related to the employment of freed slaves were that all employers had to have a labor contract that had to be read to the free slave by a white person who wasn't involved in the employment.
A free slave had to keep going with the labor contract and couldn't break the labor contract because they wouldn't get paid for what they had done. It was a form of slavery because free slaves couldn't really run away and couldn't be free to leave and grasp a hold of a better job because they had to finish their labor contract or they weren't going to get paid, and if they did run away, a person could take them back to the employer and they would be sanctioned.

3. Section 6.... " and if the laborer shall quit the service of the employer before the expiration of this term of service, without good cause, he shall forfeit his wages for that year up to the time of quitting." This could be manipulated in favor of the employer because it could mean that the employer could take away a laborer's wages just because the laborer wanted to quit and didn't think the laborer had a good enough reason to quit.

Klan Terrorism in South Carolina

1. The methods used by the Klan to intimidate blacks were to get them to not join the Union league first off, and to not allow them to rebel and exceed. The klan warned the people at first by visiting their houses and threatening and in some cases injuring the blacks. The klan would then get more aggressive and force the blacks into the forest to be whipped. If they did not listen to the klan after that, then the klan would kill the blacks. So technically they were just using...

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